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working together to work better

Team building is a cluster of activities aimed at creating a cohesive and efficient work group. With instructive or play objectives, this is a valid tool which can transform mere colleagues into something more substantial: a motivated team, able to reach fixed targets, to better manage deadlines, unforeseen events and conflicts.

The Astro conference centre is the ideal location to carry out your team building sessions. In fact, considered its equipment and spaces, it can host a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities.

Having started out as a sideline proposal for meetings and conventions, this activity is expanding rapidly, thanks to the structure's potential and the investments made in the sector: consultancy by experts in the field of human resources, the purchase of ad hoc locations and the introduction of sports equipment.

Furthermore, our staff is ready to listen to all your needs and to study the best solution from a logistical and organisational point of view.

Six reasons to choose the Astro conference centre:

It's easily reachable, thanks to a concentrated link of road, train and airline networks and is nestled in the silence and peace of the Parma hills, a location which facilitates concentration and relaxation.

These are programs which are developed and perfected with the collaboration of professionals in the field of training and human resources, following the most up-to-date aggregation and relationship techniques. In fact, the Astro conference centre collaborates with Creativ, a group which reunites expert educators in the fields of counselling and coaching.

It's possible to organise group games, exercises and trials of different types in the estate's park. Very soon the open space will be fitted out with sports equipment and a tree climbing course. Besides the park, the structure has a swimming pool with solarium, open from May to September, directly overlooking the hills. The complex is perfect to organise water activities or moments of relax.

The conference hotel has eleven different rooms which can hold up to 800 people for workshops, seminars and laboratories. Furthermore, green baize tournaments or theme dinners can be organised for company teams, such as those inspired by the English detective-story write, Agatha Christie, as well as many other initiatives.

A castle built before 1000 AD, it's the exceptional location which the management puts at your disposal to organize treasure hunts, orienteering tests and mini-survivals. Testimony to the harsh battles for control of the salt deposits, conspiracies and fights between nobles, the castle is a unique backdrop even for contemporary “battles”.

The Grand Hotel Terme Astro wellness centre covers an area of 850 m2 between hammam and dedicated wellness spaces. The perfect environment for team building, focused on the wellness of the participants or to create precious moments of cohesion between the group members and enjoy a moment of relax after briefings and meetings.

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Team building was created in the United States, initially to improve relations between children. Over time, the subject evolved and was increasingly applied within company spheres with the aim to improve employee performance.
By reworking and moulding totally different activities, such as sports, theatre, music, group games and cooking, team building is studied to make company employees feel part of a group, with the aim to improve productivity and work quality, improving interpersonal relationships.
In fact, a tight-knit and efficient operational team can quickly confront and overcome the obstacles which can arise in any work environment.

Each meal is a real gastronomic delight: food presentation, table dressings, music and lights create an unforgettable atmosphere. Enter


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