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the pleasure of good food

The undisputed realm of good food, the Delle Calle restaurant can hold up to 500 seated guests. It offers its customers an excellent cuisine and an impeccable service, in an elegant and refined atmosphere. The menus created by our chefs are always tasty and appetizing, able to conquer even the most discerning palate.

Tradition and modernity

The typical dishes of Parma are prepared using genuine ingredients, just as in the past. Here one can sample tortelli (large ravioli) and cappelletti (ravioli in broth), steaming slices of cotechino (spiced sausage), not forgetting the different salamis. Prosciutto, salami and culatello don't need presenting, along with his majesty, the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, mainstay of many inimitable restaurant recipes. If tradition is scrupulously respected, inspiration and creativity dominate the dishes which are inspired by new contemporary trends. Combinations and flavours capture different influences and gastronomic traditions from faraway countries, reinterpreting them in the inimitable “Delle Calle” style.

Menus created especially for you

Here excellence, light foods and health go hand-in-hand. In fact, if requested, low-calorie, appetizing meals can be prepared, so as to stay in top form. Our chefs also offer a complete gluten-free menu for celiacs, which loses nothing in taste. Our smaller guests are also taken care of: top quality dishes presented in a fun way, so even lunch and dinner turn into a game.

The taste is on stage

At the Delle Calle restaurant, each meal is a special moment. The table settings are taken care of in every detail, as is the lighting and the suffused music in the elegantly furnished dining room. Everything must be perfect for the “gastronomic event” which goes on show when the dishes are served. The food presentation, which brings visual delight first and that of the palate next, creates a skilful harmony which surprises and conquers the guests.

Each meal is a real gastronomic delight: food presentation, table dressings, music and lights create an unforgettable atmosphere. Enter


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